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Cope: With It in Toronto!

Cope: With It in Toronto!

We’re all super pumped that Copasetic is representin’ on Smoked Out on World Domination 7. He’s gonna be the one to put Smoked Out on the map for real.

I mean… he is repping Smoked Out, right? Right? Cope?

Well here’s his latest drop on GZ Battles against BVB spielberg predator Jaws. Shout outs to Copasetic’s mom for selling King of the Dot socks and also for not punching Jaws in his namesake mid round.

Leave a comment about how attractive and funny all the staff at Smoked Out Battles are on the comments so we drive a bunch more traffic over to our channel alright?


Special shout outs to our very own Sleepy-P who got mentioned in the Caustic / Arcane grudge match. I’m sure they said something nice about him.

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