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[December 23, 2017] The Draft – Jisho vs. Mongerz

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[December 23, 2017] The Draft – Jisho vs. Mongerz

Jisho may be the rookie of the year and is the self-identified Grow House Champ. In this battle, he calls Mother Theresa a ratchet. Cool.

Mongerz been at it for a minute but in his past few battles he’s been bringing nothing but heaters. He’s moving towards the title on some “slow and steady wins the race” steeze.

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December 14 – [Go F**k Yourself] – Nekkbone vs Bannock Kardinal

Sonik shoots amazing, high quality video. Billy Shakes did a hack job butchery editing this.

Shout outs to every audio issue ever. Either way don’t let the wonky format make you miss the absolute heat rocks in this. Edmonton (Treaty Six!) stand up.

Share this on your facebook and tag one of your aunts or uncles in it. Tell them it reminded you of them and offer no explanation.

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[December 2, 2017] 23 – Stevie P vs DMon tha Bop

If you want to know what a Canadian accent sounds like, listen to Stevie P say “Shout Out to Smoked Out” in the intro. Canadian af.

Also, dude’s name is pronounced DEE-MOAN not DEMONN apparently. Who know?

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